icona-casamatta-noto-ristorante-pizzeria-a-noto-siracusaSicilian Craft Beer

Aretusa Bianca Alc. 4,8%

Wheat malt, barley, infusion of bitter orange andcoriander seeds

Amphitrite Copper red Alc. 8,0%

Highly roasted barley malt, strong and with a high alcohol content.

Special Ale Alc. 6.5%

Honey, chamomile, wheat, citrus

Red Strong Ale Alc. 7%

Ripe plum, caramel and cocoa

Pilsner Alc. 5%

Ancient Sicilian grains

Sicilian Pale Ale Alc. 6%

Sicilian citrus fruits sumac berries and pink pepper

White Alc. 6%

Biancolilla wheat and Ciaculli mandarin

Amber Alc. 5,4%

Fresh Sicilian bitter orange peel, coriander and ginger

Cincu Tummina Alc. 6%

Ancient Sicilian grains: Tumminia, Bidì, Russello, Maiorca and Perciasacchi

Rubra Alc. 7,5%

Barley malt, wheat malt, wheat, hops

Al-Zabir Alc. 12%

Raised zibibbo grape juice, barley, hops

Libre (Gluten free) Alc. 5,5%

Barley malt, oat flakes, hops, sugar, spices (coriander, ginger, orange peel)